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duplicate dialing numbers


at a customer we have the problem with duplicate DNs in Cisco Call Manager. In CCM we solve this with partition and CSS. In CCM 3.1 we had the possibility to edit a Voice Mal Number. We use it and made a prefix in front of the phone number and Unity only knows the phone number with the prefix in front of it. MWI was solved with a translation pattern.

In CCM 3.2 and newer this field do not exist any more. How can we solve the problem with the duplicate Dialing Numbers in CCM 3.2 and newer?

Thanks Achim

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Re: duplicate dialing numbers

We have the same problem. Below is CISCO's comment. By the way, can you show me the translation patterns that worked for you before.

Unity is not really capable of handling a multi-tenant environment. In this case, Unity won't be able to designate which of the two duplicate DNs is the intended recipient of the MWI. It will dial out from the same port regardless, and that port will be able to access one or the other of the phones with the MWI. You may be able to arrange for the MWI to go to a series of translation patterns to spoof this, but I've never seen it done. Generally, in a multi-tenant environment, it's necessary to have a Unity server per tenant, even if Call Manager can support the whole complex.


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Re: duplicate dialing numbers

Can't you tinker around with applying a mask to the other tenants DN's throught the Voice Mail profile page?

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