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Dynamic Use of Dual integration Ports

If you have a dual integration on a 2.46 , Legacy and Call Manager IP Integration. Are the ports dynamic? For example if I pay for 8 ports, do I have to specify 4 for Legacy, 4 for IP? Or can the Unity use the ports dynamically?<br><br>


Re: Dynamic Use of Dual integration Ports

Good question. If you mean "dynamic" like having 2 Legacy ports and 6 IP ports, the answer is yes. Changing the configuration around to another port configuration takes a little bit of work though (it's not as easy as changing the ports page on the SA).

For whatever legacy ports you want, you would need to have the hardware for it (obviously). You couldn't use a Dialogic D/41D and get 6 legacy ports (duh, I know).

If you want to use fewer Dialogic ports than what the board has (say, only 2 ports on a 4 port board), there is a little trick you'll need to do. If that is the case, follow this example....

The example:
There is dual-switch system with a total of 8 ports assigned on the
security key. The system has a 4 port Dialogic card installed, and there
are 6 AvSkinnyTSP devices created via the Telephony control panel. The
desired port configuration on the system is 2 Dialogic ports and 6
AvSkinnyTSP ports. The SA ports page has ports 1-2 assigned to the Legacy
switch and ports 3-8 assigned to the IP switch. Although this is a
completely legitimate configuration, the Legacy ports are not limited to 2.
The history:
This happens because of the MIU’s logic of allocating ports at
initialization. The MIU will check to see which TSPs that are currently
installed on the system and with which of those TSPs it can operate.
Dual-switch configurations require the admin to first install Dialogic, so
that should be the TSP that the MIU finds first. The MIU will find out how
many ports the Dialogic TSP has and will open all available ports up to the
total amount allowed by the security key (in the example above, all 4
Dialogic ports would be opened). Then the MIU will open all remaining TSP
ports up to the difference between the first TSP and the port setting on
the security key (in our example, even though 6 AvSkinnyTSP ports were
created, only 4 are opened).
The workaround:
The admin can limit the MIU to only opening a certain amount of ports for a
given TSP. Check the Registry for the following section:
der "X". "X" will actually be a number, and there will be a few in there.
Check the Service Provider numbers for on that has a string value of
"Service Provider Name" set to "D41MT.TSP".
Add the following DWORD called: "DeviceID Lower Bound"
Add the following value for DeviceID lower Bound: 1
Add the following DWORD called: "DeviceID Upper Bound"
Add the following value for DeviceID Upper Bound: X (where X is the total
number of Dialogic ports you want to use). In the previous example, this
value would be 2.
As long as Dialogic has been installed first, there is no need to uninstall
or reinstall anything. If Dialogic has not been installed first, there is a
workaround for that too (but that’s another Quick tip!) The “Port
Assignments” on the SA ports page still needs to be set correctly. Restart

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

New Member

Re: Dynamic Use of Dual integration Ports

Thanks for replying to Mike's questions. I am actually the one who posed it to him.

When we say "dynamic", we mean on the fly. For example, if you have a dual integration Unity, with four ports going out a dialogic board and other integration is via ethernet to a switch/CM can the total 8 ports be used by the CM side if none are being used by the dialogic side of the equation. ..OR are those 4 ports going out the dialogic side nailed up?


Adam Goldberg


Re: Dynamic Use of Dual integration Ports

Noped. Nailed up.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

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