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I have a local 3640 with IOS 12.2(13b) connected via a Frame Relay Circuit to an remote 1750 with IOS 12.1(3)T. I've implemented VoFR trough a separate DLCI circuit from data.

The 3640 connects to a local PBX trough VIC-BRI's and the 1750 connects to the remote PBX trough an E&M card.

I have voice calls from the remote site to the local, but I can't make any calls from the local site to the remote. The dial-peers and such are correct.

If I do a csim start from the remote router (1750), the remote phones ring, but if I do the same csim start from the local router (3600) the phones ring only once and the call gets disconnected.

The E&M seems to be correctly configured since I have inbound calls, but when I make a call to the remote, I only hear a kind of "out of order" tone.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!


Re: E&M

Since you are fairly confident about the configuration, we will leave that aside for a second.

With E&M you have to be very careful of signalling and pinouts. THe first thing id do is make sure the cable between the router is good and according to specification, if you are doing 2 wire or 4 wire and which type of E&m signalling. After you have verified the pinouts , you need to investigate whether its wink start or immediate start, since sometimes PBX's do one signalling outbound and other signalling inbound.

Make sure all these parametrs are correct and it should be working for you.

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