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E1 voice/fax module redundancy with 2 different chassis

Any voip expert can assist me ! I have a customer who want to implement the E1 (30 voip channels)module connecting to PBX that request for the redundancy when the primary E1 module failure. Typically, there are two chassis of Cisco 3662 with all the network redundancy features enabled such as HSRP on LAN and multiple lease line with EIGRP routing protocol.

My customer is interesting to setup the voip over data network but require the maximum availability for the Data center that installed with E1 voice/fax module in 2 different chassis of 3662.

Is it possible to setup the redundancy by installing the E1 module to two different chassis ? the requirement will like some sort of HSRP feature which everthing in automatic. My understanding for voip is the IP address is blind to the voip channel to a particular E1 module. If both the router configured the same configuration for voip, this will allow the redundancy but the manual intervention will require to shutdown the second E1 module when the primary E1 module is active. Thanks in advance and hope somebody can give me an ideas.

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Re: E1 voice/fax module redundancy with 2 different chassis


As far as I understand your question , you need a way to make a call at the first time to one chassis, if this is full or not available to the other chassis? If this is what you want , Yes you can do this.

First of all , you must configure 2 dial-peer on the caller router by using "preference" which have the same destination patterns. So first try is done on the dial-peer with smaller preference value. If the destination is not reachable then the second (or 3.,4., ... ) dial-peer is tried.But if the 1. chassis is reachable but full,you must use the command "voice hunt user-busy" on the caller router for hunting to continue.

I hope this helps you


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Re: E1 voice/fax module redundancy with 2 different chassis

Thanks a lot but actually I'm new in voip which only have little knowledge about voip. If possible, can you send me the sample config that can make it run let said if user call the first site but is unavailable and it will automatically send the call to the second chassis. Thanks in advance.

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