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E911 without Telco support

Below is some e-mail I traded with Cisco, in case you guys want to know.


I have a customer who's telco won't support the E911 server. Since it

is a school, 911 is kind of important, especially nowadays. Anyway, do

you know of any trigger that you can configure or setup to go off if a

user dials 911? I haven't been able to find any SNMP traps, any syslog

messages, or anything else on CallManager that I could trigger an

application with. I might be able to pull it from the logs, but they

aren't real-time enough in my experience.


The answer is you can still use CER even if the local CO does not

support E911. You can use the CER solution to send calls out a analog

FXO interface to the CO, but the difference is that you will not be able

to autoroute calls back into the system because you will not collect


You are correct that CM does not support SNMP traps for notification

based upon a dialed number. But the CER solution can monitor for 911

calls and notify a list of individuals by way of 1) email to a list of

users or a pager 2) a phone call to a list of users or 3) web page

alert. Once the call has been intercepted and notification sent, the

call will be routed like any normal 911 call to the PSTN.


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