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EAdmin can't login from phone

I have a user who states he has not received some messages, and it's very intermittent. I'm still trying to narrow down the focus, but cheking event logs on Unity and Exchange, and configuration so far things look fine. I did want to login as EAdmin to verify there weren't messages in it's box which for some reason were not sent to the Undeliverable PDL. Problem is when I attempt to login to extension 99999 I get the message "Sorry that is not a valid extension" however I checked and rechecked and under the subscriber page of SA for Example Administrator the extension is stil 99999. The Exchange Alias the account uses is EAdmin and under ADS the EAdmin account is associated with an AD account of EAdmin3d067a5b, and the account is not locked in either Unity or AD. I did not want to make any changes to the extension yet, to try and make sure that would not make things worse. Any and all help is appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: EAdmin can't login from phone

Well... the only thing that comes to mind here is if somehow or another you got a duplicate DTMF_ID value in the database... I don't think the subscriber sign in conversation deals with this real well. I have an updated version of dbWalker that checks for this (among other things) that finished up testing today - I haven't posted it to AnswerMonkey or CCO yet but if you ping me at "" I'll send it to you to try out and see if that's the case.

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