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Echo-Cancel Suppressor & CM 3.2(3) Controlled Gateways

In 12.2(13)T3 and I am sure ealier versions, there is the ability to enter echo-cancel suppressor command on the voice-port to esentially eliminate echo at the start of a call. However, since our VG200 is currently controlled by the CM, when the gateway is reset or restarted, the changes to the commands entered manually do not get saved. Additionally, I am assuming that you need to shut / no shut the interface to get the command to work correctly. Doing this I believe will cause the gateway to re-register with CM and in doing this cause the command to no longer appear in the config. The option for enabling echo-cancel suppressor does not currently exist in CM or I simply am blind and cannot find it.

Any ideas other then manually configuring the voice ports rather then letting CM do it?

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Re: Echo-Cancel Suppressor & CM 3.2(3) Controlled Gateways


I'm not sure what configuration setting you have on the vg200.

Please check and see if you have configured the following on the vg200:

"ccm-manager config server"

"ccm-manager config"

If you have these two commands, you should remove them. These commands will download the configuration from CM. This would be a possible cause of the problem.

Also, this echo-cancel suppressor is only valid if the voice-card is NOT configured with to use the new ecan (Enhanced ITU-T G.168 Echo Cancellation)



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Re: Echo-Cancel Suppressor & CM 3.2(3) Controlled Gateways


Thanks for the info. Definately using ITU-T G.168 is a must for sure. I am running into a problem though. I am unable to execute half of the commands on our 2651XM router.

I enable the complexity to medium on the voice card, switch to the voice port, and I am unable to execute echo cancel erl or echo cancel coverage 64 (just as a test to see if the features are there). The commands to not exist.

I have tried 12.2(13)T5, 12.2(15)T2, and 12.2(15)ZJ as listed. Im a bit confused on whats up.



Re: Echo-Cancel Suppressor & CM 3.2(3) Controlled Gateways

The critical part is that the "ecan-extended" keyword needs to be there on your voice-card. For example,

voice-card 0

codec complexity medium ecan-extended

After this, 64ms coverage is available - it's even the default.

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Re: Echo-Cancel Suppressor & CM 3.2(3) Controlled Gateways

This command has been omited in ZJ version of the code and it still does not exist. It just seems like I have the original echo cancellation implementation activated rather then U.168.


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