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echo on VG200 FXO calls - output attenuation setting

We are using a VG200 in MGCP mode as a PSTN gateway.

Our current IOS is 12.1.5XM4. We have been having problems with both echo on voice loudness on the PSTN. It seems to be random, as one call will be fine and the next call (using the same analog line) may have echo or too low of noise.

We made changes to the voice ports on the VG200 to the following settings:

voice-port 1/0/0

input gain 4

echo-cancel coverage 32

no comfort-noise

this seems to have fixed echo and volume for the IP phones, but sometimes the caller on the PSTN still hears echo and the voice is muffled.

We had the same issue with a 2620, and fixed it by setting the output attenuation to -2, but on the VG200 I can only set the output attenuation between 0 and 14.

I found that 12.2.4T supported up to -6 on output attenuation, but this build crashed the VG200 on a regular basis.

Is there any thing else I can try to fix this?

Cisco Employee

Re: echo on VG200 FXO calls - output attenuation setting

Unfortunately, the negative output attenuation only became available in some 12.2 images. I am not sure which ones precisely, but you could also try 12.2(3) to see if it is configurable there.

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