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Eliminate Long Distance dialing of local phone numbers with NPA NXX list

We have 2 area codes that contain approximately 60 exchanges for locally dialed numbers. However, many of our company employees dial these numbers as long distance, using a "1", and we get charged long distance fees. We have 2 PRI's on our voice gateway, one for our local carrier and one for our long distance carrier. We are using CallManager version 5.1.3 with an H323 gateway. I know I can create 60 translation patterns, 1 for each exchange, to strip the 1 before sending the call to the VG, but I was wondering if there is an easier method to accomplish this? I currently have little Cisco IOS training, but we do have network engineers who can make changes on the VG if that is an easier method to accomplish this.


Re: Eliminate Long Distance dialing of local phone numbers with

I would use route filters and with 9.@ route patterns to minimize the number of entries in Call Manager

Example - 555-111-XXXX and 555-222-XXX

Route Filter with clauses (areacode=555 and officecode=111) or (areacode=555 and officecode=222)

The Create Route Pattern 9.@ and apply the newly created route filter.

Then on the route list / route group PreDot with 11D->10D

You might have to duplicate this depending on whether you exceed the maximum number of clausez therefore create an additional Route Filter with the remaining entries and one more 9.@. Perhaps it might be easier to split it into two anyway, one per area code.

Otherwise creating individual translation patterns or route patterns will work.

Just throwing out an otpion....

Hope that Helps!

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