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EM Authentication Error 6

Have recently had an extension mobility issue which is now resolved for the majority of users but there are three accounts which when used on a phone fail to log in and give error 6 after the username and PIN are entered.

These accounts were used during troubleshooting with the test app:


Using this app is now the only way to log these accounts into a phone.

The profile has been deleted and recreated and associated with the correct account but this has not worked.

However if the same profile is associated with a different account it works and is displayed on the phone.

We are 3.3 with AD integration.


Re: EM Authentication Error 6

you could try resetting the CCMSysUser password again and should not affect the interaction between Callmanager and Active directory. By changing/updating the CCMSysUser account password it only updates and enables the IP phone services such as EM, Callback, etc... to communicate with LDAP

directory in this case AD.

Once change is made just restart TOMCAT, IIS, CTI manager service

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Re: EM Authentication Error 6

Thanks for your reply but this is what we did to resolve the original EM problem.

The problem only effects a small number of accounts after the ccmsysuser password was reset.

Next step is to recreate EM service in IIS. Yikes!

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Re: EM Authentication Error 6

I have precisely the same issue, did you ever figure it out?

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Re: EM Authentication Error 6

Yes we did it it is a bug - CSCec19768. Use ADSI to modify AD.

Hope this helps


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Re: EM Authentication Error 6

This did the trick, although I still wish I could come to understand why it would work for some accounts and not others.

I actually had to change the labelURI field within this item and remove the subscriber's web page from there as well to get it working. Did you have to do the same? Setting the URL field (per the case note) didn't do anything that I could see.


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