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Email and Text to Speach

I have installed Unity with CCM and the Text to Speach feature. The users here have their inboxes full and when they get into VM for the first time they are finding all the messages in the inbox are being called saved messages. When the user hears they have "over 100 saved messages" and they have never used the system it is generating complaints. I set it so they are told what kind of messages they have but it only announces "over 100 saved messages" or what ever amount of email they have. My thought is that this is a job for inbox mannaging, but I have already been pushed back on that. Any other thoughts?<br>Thank you<br>Anthony Duval<br>Systems Engineer<br>Special Order Systems<br><br><br>Anthony Duval<br>Systems Engineer <br>Special Order Systems<br><br>


Re: Email and Text to Speach

If you have users setup for TTS services, email messages are supposed to be counted as saved messages... I'm not real sure what it is you're asking for here.

if they don't want to deal with email messages they should have TTS removed from their class of service and they wont be included in their inbox filters, right? we are setup to do new/read message counts based on what messages the user's class of service indicates they're interested in...

So they want to get emails and hear them over the phone but they don't want them included in the read message count? That seems very odd... you're either in a unified messaging environemnt or you're in a voice mail only environement.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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