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Emergency (999) testing

This is a UK based question, but I guess the responses may have value in other parts of the World.

How do I test 999 calls (911 for you guys on the other side of the Atlantic).

Obviously, the Emergency Services take a dim view of an engineer bugging them with calls to confirm CLI etc. I don't want to wait for a real emergency to happen before I test this - any ideas?

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Re: Emergency (999) testing

Call the local administrative office and ask them. Our local 911 service was more than happy to accomodate us, but they really prefer to know ahead of time about the test calls. While debugging our system for a slow dialout and our internal alert system, I substituted 411 (directory assistance) and hung up when I got the recording.

On similar note, I have call syslogging enabled on the router and I filter for outgoing 911 calls. A fancy script then emails the call details to key people.

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