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New Member

Emergency Responder and Phone Mobility

I have a potential AVVID customer that is posing an interesting question on CER and Phone Mobility.

1) in the case where the end user is logging into a phone, how will CER assign the correct ELIN to the E-911 call.

The phone stays in one place but will have a varity of phone numbers based of the person that is using it.


2) The customer has their professors put the phone under their arm and then replug in at hteir next location. If I read the documents right, it is not a problem in that every n minutes, I can have the seen where that can be modified. When the phone reregisters with call manager, there will be a delay in updating the tables, but as soon as that is done, will the new correct ELIN be associated with the phone?


Re: Emergency Responder and Phone Mobility

Documentation for the CER is available at:

New Member

Re: Emergency Responder and Phone Mobility

1) Its is based on the phone making the call. Make sure the default profile on the phone can dial 911


New Member

Re: Emergency Responder and Phone Mobility

1) The phone is identified by its MAC address and the switch port into which it is plugged. The DN won't matter.

2) If it takes more than a couple of minutes to plug the phone into a different place, it should be fine, though the ELIN association change won't be immediate. But if it is plugged in within about 30 seconds of being unplugged from a different location, it could be as much as 24 hours before the change is recognized, depending on how often the switch port update runs.

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