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Emergency Responder SNMP error

I have a customer with a publisher, two subscribers, and an emergency responder server. Subscriber number 2 had an IP of, but it was moved to another subnet recently and the IP was changed to The new IP is configured in the SNMP settings on the CER server. I do not see the old IP in the lmhosts or hosts files and the customer's DNS/WINS servers do not have this IP associated to the server name. However, we keep getting the following email notification: CER Phone Tracking could not get information[using SNMP] from 1 Cisco CallManager(s)

Check EventViewer on CERServer for details. When we check the event viewer it shows the following: failed to retrieve SysOid of a device Does anyone know where the CER server could be getting this IP from?


Re: Emergency Responder SNMP error

I think this will resolve your issue:

- Go to the CERAdmin page > Phone Tracking > SNMP Settings and change the Read

Community to " public " for all the switches.

- Then do a " Switch-Port and Phone Update ".

- Next go to all your Switches and configure the following commands

snmp community public ro 1

snmp-server community public ro 1

If you don't want to make your SNMP community public, you can do this:

- On the Call Manager could you go to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools >

Services > SNMP Service.

- Right Click > Properties > Security. In here " add " the SNMP Community String

that you need with "Read Only Community Rights ".

- Once this is done change the SNMP settings on the Switches to match the SNMP settings on

CCM, and CER

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Re: Emergency Responder SNMP error

Thanks for the reply. We didn't want to make the community public so I checked your second suggestion. The servers and switches are already configured in the manner you suggest. I noticed that even though the old IP, is not configured anywhere, when I go to the Cisco Callmanager details menu on the CER server and click on the CallManager List link on the page the old IP shows up in the list. The new one isn't there. I'm thinking the problem lies here but I don't see a way to remove this in this list. The old IP doesn't show up in the SQL CCM table and it doesn't show up when I run SNMPUtil for all of the callmanagers. The old IP is not configured in any CER menu. I don't know why it is still showing up in this list.

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Re: Emergency Responder SNMP error

any resolution to this?

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