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Emergency Responder

If anyone out there has been successfull in implementing Emergency Responder please reply. I have CER working correctly, the only problem I am running into is a delayed dial tone after pressing 9. You do not recieve dial tone after pressing 9. You get dial tone after pressing 91. I created a translation pattern 9.11. After I create that translation pattern 911 calls do not work correctly (they do not work at all, I get a fast busy when I dial 911 and 9911). However, the dial tone works after pressing 9. As soon as I remove the 9.11 translation pattern, CER works correctly but I have the delayed dial tone. Any ideas? Also, does anyone know who actually places the 911 call? Is it the phone or CER? Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Emergency Responder

Here is what you need to do to get this to work. First of all, you will need to move the 911 RP into the same partition as your 912 RP. This will make the RP 911 unavailable to all users. Next, create a translation pattern for 911 and 9.911. Both of these should be put into the partition that the RP 911 just got moved out of. On the translation patterns, set them to generate external dialtone, translate the called party number to 911, assign the translation pattern the CSS so to find the Route Pattern of 911. Once this is complete, you need to stop/start the CER Server and that should accomplish what you want.

The trick is that RP's block secondary dialtone but translations do not. By removing the RP911 from any dialable partition by the users, the only 911 pattern they can dial are the translation patterns which then redirect the call to 911 on the user's behalf.


Dan Keller

Cisco Systems


Re: Emergency Responder

That is exactly what we had to do. We got it working today. We tried that originally because we didn't think it would work any other way. For some reason it didn't work the first couple of times (we probably didn't stop and start CER).

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