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enable caller-id

I am trying to configure caller-id on 2650 router. But I am not getting any option to enable caller-id. I tried with 2-3 differnet IOS. Please help me out.

Currently I am running c2600-is-mz.122-11.T8.bin. I used previously c2600-jsx-mz.122-16a.bin .Any idea.

Is their any bug in the IOS.


Re: enable caller-id

What module are you using ? HDA? FXO, PRI ? I would stick to the T codes, 12.2.13T3.

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Re: enable caller-id

we are using FXO.the only code i can have as per requirement of the router is 12.2(11)T8. I don't think that there should be a difference between 12.2.13T3 or 12.2(11)T8. I chekced the ios guide and they say that caller-id is supported on all the ios ab;ve 12.1(x).....


Re: enable caller-id

For FXO, you must have

A) caller-ID service from the phone company. It's not on by default. If there is some doubt as to whether or not it works, hook up a regular analog phone to that line and call it, and see that you get caller-ID.

B) a VIC-2FXO-M1 (or M2/M3 for outside North America). The plain, older VIC-2FXO module is incapable of receiving caller-ID information.

Make sure you have the above taken care of. If you're okay on these counts, we will need more information about your topology, where you expect this caller-ID to show up (IP phones, or accounting, or what), etc.

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