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Enable field of routing rules

I have a situation where I need to quickly and easily have our operator enable and disable "Call Routing" rules for "Forwarded Calls." If you don't have a tool created to do this, I could easily write a VB app to allow quick enable/disable for these rules. However, I need to know which table and what field holds this information. That is, if it is as simple as setting a field to true/false. If it is more complicated like adding/deleting a record to a table(s), I still would like to do it. Just give me the details of the field/record/table. I really appreciate it. I've tried to do this other ways, but this is the only way I or TAC can come up with.<br><br>I worked with (sorry, didn't know how to spell his name) at TAC. He said he just finished reviewing the video Jeff did on the disaster recovery utility. You guys are great and I appreciate the hard work you do for your customers.<br><br>___________________________________<br>Jeff Schneider<br>Director of Information Technology<br>Kanakuk Kamps


Re: Enable field of routing rules

Unfortunately, routing rules are a real bear (one of the reasons why the export/import tools don't include routing rules in the information restored to the 3.x system). They're stored (for now) in a local file in a very odd format and getting the ruler to reparse the file on the fly is right up there with world peace.

Can you explain the scenario you're actually wanting to accomplish? It might be possible to do this by editing the behavior of a call handler instead (which is much easier and will take effect on the fly).

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