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end to end QOS / VOIP Quality Problems

Network Configuration:

BTS10200 Softswitch

AS5350's Trunk Gateways (connects to PSTN via PRI - NI2)

ESR 10008 Aggregation Router (used to Connect T1's to End Users)

IAD2124 T1 with 8fxs/16fxs/T1

Cat 6509 Core Switch (2 x Sup1A w/MSFC+PFC)

We can provide detailed config's and any other info needed to help trouble shoot.


we are experiencing voice qualilty problems - Echo, Static and Low Volume.

our focus has been at the trunk gateway and then at each IAD based on the end user problems. with my lack of knowledge on implementing QOS and tracking voice quality problems we have not been able to solve the ongoing quality issue.

we have heard that we need to implement end to end QOS - which makes sense if the end user is using voice and data over the connection; however the quality issue exist on voice only end users. Currently the QOS is set for Best Effort which we know is not correct.

We have tried all codecs available and the poor quality stays consistent on the calls.

We have opened tac cases on individual end user IAD's with no success.

Can someone point us in the right direction to properly trouble shoot this issue.


scott wilson

Community Member

Re: end to end QOS / VOIP Quality Problems

Hi Scott

Can you post you configs of IADs and explain where the voice issue are being experienced ?Users are calling for phones connected to FXS ports on IAD over wan link to 5300 ?

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