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engaged tone caling into faxes

We are running isdn 30 into a router with faxes on fxo ports.

Call manager is version 3.3

CCAPI shows the following

Sep 15 13:25:16.297: //48793/FA0F26D8A72B/CCAPI/cc_api_call_disconnected: (vdbPt

r=0x64149348, callID=0xBE99, cause=0x29, rawmsg=0x0)

Sep 15 13:25:37.144: //48799/80BA537FCC04/SSAPP:4000:-1/ssaSetupPeer: cid(48799)

, can't gateway with peer tag(655))

I can find no reference to cause cosde 0x29 or can't gateway with peer tag on

Also Debug isdn q931 shows

Sep 15 13:24:40.989: ISDN Se3/0:15 Q931: TX -> DISCONNECT pd = 8 callref = 0x80


Cause i = 0x80A9 - Temporary failure

Can anyone assist with this


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Re: engaged tone caling into faxes

Hello, You see "temp failure" usually when VPM/VTSP/MGCP/CCAPI one of these are in an inconsistant state. What I mean is that they all do not agree on the same call state "such as call has hung up".. I have also seen this for MGCP if the CCM database is not in sync.

Depending on what protocol you are using, we will have to do some more troubleshooting. First, did this ever work?

what happens when you plug in a phone in place of a fax machine? If that works, and faxes fail, we have to troubleshoot a little differently.

If even a phone call fails, then, we have to look at traces in CCM for MGCP and/ or debug mgcp packet. If it is H323, please send us debug vtsp all, debug vpm all, debug voice ccapi inout, and be sure to include the configs.


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