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Equipments details for CCIE-Voice


I am not be able to understand by looking cisco site that how much and what is the exact equipment required for CCIE-Voice lab

Can anyone please mail me the exact equipment details for CCIE-Voice to my email add at

Example : 2 num 2811 router , 2 3550 switch with so and so IOS.



Re: Equipments details for CCIE-Voice

Also do let me know how much DRAM and memory requirements of router & switches.

Infact i am not be able to find these details on cisco site please help me to gather all these information it will help everyone who required these stuff


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Re: Equipments details for CCIE-Voice

Passing the Voice lab exam requires a depth of understanding difficult to obtain without hands-on experience. Early in your preparation you should arrange access to the equipment covered on the exam, and listed below.

* MCS 7835 Call Manager/CRS Servers

* MCS 7835 Unity Server

* Catalyst 6503

* 3725 Routers (WAN, Gatekeeper, Gateway, PSTN Emulation)

* Cisco Unity Express

* 2651XM H.323 Gateway

* VG248 Analog Phone Gateway

* ATA186 Analog Telephone Adapters

* Catalyst 3550 with inline power

* IP Phones

* Analog Phones


Software Versions

Any major release of Call Manager, Unity or CRS that has been generally available for six months is eligible for testing in the CCIE Voice lab exam. You may see more recent IOS versions installed in the lab, but will not be tested on those features unless indicated below.

* All routers use IOS version 12.4 Main Train

* Catalyst 6503 series switches use Switch OS version 7.6(X)

* Catalyst 3550 series switches use IOS version 12.1EA

* CCM version 4.1(3) with latest SR

* Unity version 4.0(5)

* CRS version 4.0(1)

Network Interfaces

* Fast Ethernet

* Frame Relay

Telephony Interfaces


* FXO-M1

* T1

* E1


Re: Equipments details for CCIE-Voice



First of all thanks for replying me but the detials which you have entered its already there in cisco site my concern is something different.

What i wanted to know is quantity such as routers / switches or server, how many we required, is it a set of 2 or only 1 will work.

Please reponsed me ASAP i will wait for your reply.



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Re: Equipments details for CCIE-Voice

well cisco has provided a baseline, now depending on you needs, budget and support with technical skills.

you have not stated your exact needs, I seen labs that support 4 5 CCM group with redundancy

running 2600xm routers at least using 3500 also

running CME, unity with vmware and IPCC in a external MCS sserver

REDUNDANCY is a required for CCIE voice And real world networks.

you have to evaluate this, you can use miniumum one CM connected to your switch and one router for each group, you can use the same switch for multiple groups (vlans) and have each group you create connected via serial ports( Frame relay, MPLS ...) THIS IS WHAT i HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH

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