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ER Cluster need help

We have a customer with two sites with Single CM cluster running 4.1.3 and ER 1.3.1a and BW between sites is 1GB.

Site 1 - CM Pub,Sub1 and 2,ER Pub& Sub

Site 2 - CM Sub3 & Sub4, new ER??

At site 1 they already have a ER group/cluster.They can use the same ER group at site 2 even though site 2 is in different area code and different PSAP.

But they already bought the hardware from different vendor and they want to use it for redundancy in case if the WAN is down.

Now my question is at site 2 how should we install the new ER server and have failover option in case WAN is down

1.Install as a new subscriber (This I'm not sure we can install more than subscriber on a ER group/cluster)

2.Install as a new publisher.According to Cisco Doc we can install new ER group if it is differnt PSAP and need to support more devices and make one ER cluster.This part I'm not sure how to configure it two ER groups make it as one ER cluster.

3.Since CM PUB is at site 1 can we install this ER as publisher?, I'm assuming it will work because they have 1GB BW.

Has anyone come across this scenario or implemented similar design?

Please advise and any help will be really apprecaited..

Thanks in advance



Re: ER Cluster need help


Unfortunanely, you cannot have more than one CER subscriber in a CER cluster for v1.3(1) and prior.

Does your network extend to more than the primary service provider's ALI DB provider? If so, you do need more than one ER group.

Would it be feasible to move CER sub to the 2nd location for redundancy and add the new hardware as a CCM sub so it will be utilized?


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Re: ER Cluster need help

Tom Thanks for your response.

No we cannot move the ER Sub to Site 2.

If I add another ER group how to configure that as single ER cluster now with two ER groups.

Any ideas???


Re: ER Cluster need help

The procedure (per the CER installation/admin guide) is as follows.

Step 1 Identify the following:

-all the Cisco ER groups participating in the Cisco ER cluster

-one Cisco ER publisher as "Cluster DB Host".

-a password that will be the same across the Cluster as "Cluster password."

Step 2 Use the AdminUtility task Updated Cisco ER Cluster DB host details and enter the values from Step 1.

Step 3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each Cisco ER server group in the cluster.

Step 4 Restart Cisco ER services.

Here's a link to the doc if you need additional informaiton:

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