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(error) could not find primary call handler

Unity 3.1.5 upgraded from 2.4.6 yesterday.

DbWalker return the error below.

How can this be resolved



Display Name={Default Subscriber} Template

Jump to this subscriber template in the SA using this link: Open SA to this subscriber template

Language set to=English (United States)

COS alias=defaultsubscriber

Location alias=default

Subscriber template set to switch ID= 0

(error) could not find primary call handler for this template using CallHandlerObjectID={7632BF8A-3B78-4238-B942-158B8DCEF7F7}

This is a serious error that could indicate corrupt templates and may require a rapplication of the default data objects for Unity. You should contact TAC.

Cisco Employee

Re: (error) could not find primary call handler

So just one of the templates returned errors? If you create another template from the SA does it test clean? If so, it might be easier to just delete the default subscriber template and use another you create - this will require DOHPropTest access or direct SQL fiddling since that object is marked undeletable in the database.

you can also go into DOHPropTest (you'll need the password for the day) and fix up the links between the template object and it's corresponding primary call handler. If you want to take this on, let me know and I'll write up some instructions - if you have WTS access I can get in there and do it for you - just take a minute. Ping me directly at

I've been giving some thought about adding a new function to dbWalker to automatically reconstruct the two default templates (and their corresponding handlers) on demand since this comes up frequently enough and is reasonably difficult to fix by hand - this would be something that gets tucked under the "file" menu, not something that is done automatically on the fly. You can currently re apply the defautl database settings but it blows away any customizations that may have been added and is a little hairy to do on your own - this would be something anyone could just click on and be done with. I think I'll work on that over break...

Community Member

Re: (error) could not find primary call handler

I can't add any new template. When I click the add button on the new template creation form, it just send me back to the default subscriber screen and the new template is not saved.

If you give me your IP address, I can give you terminal access to the unity server


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