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Error in the Cisco JTAPI Documentation

In the section directory change notification, the 4.1.3 documentation states that CiscoAddrCreatedEv and CiscoAddrRemovedEv would be send to an AddressObserver. However, those events implement the CiscoProvEv interface and thus will be sent to callbacks capable of handling ProvEv events... in other words, the CiscoProvider.

Similarily, it states that CiscoTermCreatedEv, and

CiscoTermRemovedEv are sent to a CiscoTerminalObserver, when in fact those two events also do implement CiscoProvEv and not CiscoTermEv.

So who is wrong.. the developer guide or the javadoc?


Re: Error in the Cisco JTAPI Documentation

On top of that, there's the FORWARD_ALL forward type that does not exist in JTAPI. In fact, the whole forwarding stuff does exactly nothing.. if I have a call forward set on a line, CiscoAddress.getForwarding returns null, CiscoAddress.cancelForwarding does nothing and it's not possible to set any kind of forwarding either.

Re: Error in the Cisco JTAPI Documentation

Well.. it seems CallControlForwarding.ALL_CALLS is probably what they meant by FORWARD_ALL (imagine using up one of your $500 support cases to tell them the manual is wrong.. I just don't get the whole developer support thing.. it should be payable only if it turns out that the technology you're working with is working just fine and somebody has to help you with your own code.. but the conditions don't mention anything about money back if you open a case that's not your fault). However, the whole getForwarding/setForwarding/cancelForwarding work only after you have registered a CallObserver on the Address. Now if that were only written down somewhere I wouldn't have wasted almost 3 hours.

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Re: Error in the Cisco JTAPI Documentation

even though no one replied to your posts, i, for one, appreciate your follow up posts explaining what you found. very useful.

so, you had to pay $500 to get this resolved?


Re: Error in the Cisco JTAPI Documentation

No, I didn't have to pay anything but now I have three more hours to hide in a tight schedule project or write them off as learning experience by the time I fill out the next time sheet. I'm afraid the two approvals to join developer support somehow got lost in my organization. I once asked our cisco rep about the whole "pay to open a case" thing and if we'd get our money back if it turns out we found a bug in a Cisco product and he refered me to the manager of the devsupp program and I don't quite know who that is and never bothered to follow up on the issue.

Re: Error in the Cisco JTAPI Documentation

I guess I rejoiced a bit too early. Trying to dynamically register and remove the listeners right again (I'm working on a forwarding app based on JTAPI (makes things so much simpler than the whole "look up user via em, then look up user lines via ldap and finally set forward via axl" thing)).. it seems to work just fine when I step through the code but when I try to use it productively, more often than not a line that has been forwarded reports no forward and the other way round.. the only thing that seems to work reliably is setting the forwards. So much for using the superprovider to dynamically create terminals when needed.

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