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Error Msg's after 2.4.6 to 3.x upgrade

I am receiving app errors in the event viewer mentioning handlers already being used by another on a line in a file. Also about 1/2 hour ago the unity system would answer calls however it did not play the greetings. I need help in a bad way. Please respond if any of these issues or messages sound familiar to anyone. Thanks.<br><br><br>The messages I'm receiving are as follows:<br><br>Handler [UVMPaulO] is using an extenstion [1916] that is being used by another handler on line 6128 in file e:\views\cs_ue3.1.0.68\un_Conv2\AvConvPhoneHandler\AvConvPHGreetingSvr\AvSPlayGreeting.cpp <br><br>Running conversation PHGreeting on Port 12 <br><br>Also receiving:<br><br>Component Miu: Thread 0x00000DD8 had a Failure on Port 4 in AvWav<br><br>DESCRIPTION: e:\views\cs_ue3.1.0.68\un_Miu\UnityAvWav\WAV.C(4522) : Exception caught in Method WavReadFormatPlay | Data hWav 08430E04 hpBufPlay 08F30054 sizBufPlay 131072. <br><br>


Re: Error Msg's after 2.4.6 to 3.x upgrade

I'd recommend contacting TAC on both of these issues. The first issue is a probably a duplicate entry of the DTMF ID in the DTMFAccess table. TAC can assist in cleaning that up.

For the second issue, it sounds like it may be CSCdw88890. I have a feeling that there's more errors in the event log than just that one.

If you need help right away, TAC is a better resource than the forum.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

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