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Error Pass Limit on 7912

Hi i have a problem with 7912s registered to a callmanager v 4.1(3)sr3a. I changed the maximum allowed calls in the directory number but nothing happened, do you think that Cisco release a service release to solve this problem? I don't know what else to do, any suggestion?

Thanks in advanced,



Re: Error Pass Limit on 7912

Which tests have u done so far to confirm this?,

I would use the latest SP available in CCO.

Only with 7912?

Which FW?

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Re: Error Pass Limit on 7912

We receive 5 new phones (7912) when i registered them the error pass limit appeared on 4 of them. After that, i searched for the error on the web and tried put the maximum calls on 6 and the trigger on 4 on the DN of the phone, but nothing happened. I tried this with all the values allowed but nothing happened. After that i tried to register the phone with other number but the problem was still there.

To discard a software problem on the phone i registered it on my callmanager and its function was normally.


Re: Error Pass Limit on 7912

is the line that is giving you this error message a shared line?

if so, then this could be a configuration problem. you'll want to be sure any 'shared lines' are configured for the same MaxCalls/BusyTrigger on all phones sharing that line.

(this must be done individually on every phone/line as this is a device specific setting)

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Re: Error Pass Limit on 7912

Hi, at first ya it was a shared line but after that i tried to assign the phone a different DN but nothing happened. I also tried the Cisco workaround enabling the maximum calls on 6 and the trigger for busytone to 5, but nothing happened.

Thanks in advanced

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Re: Error Pass Limit on 7912

This is a low priority bug that Cisco is not currently working on to fix. I would suggest upgrading CCM to the latest service release.


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