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Error when adding Subscriber - Server List Cannot be empty in AD config

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me out.

I have a unity 3.1.5 win2k member server with an off box exchange 5.5 message store. Everything was working ok, until the main NT4 domain PDC suddenly blew up. The dc was replaced with an AD win2k server running in mixed mode, it also had a new IP address. We had some problems and rejoined the unity server to the new DC/domain ok, which fixed browsing issues to the SA. However we now get the above error when trying to import a user to unity.

I have checked the posts for help on the above matter and am aware its a common problem, so far I have seen a post (see below this paragraph) which hopefully has the answer. However the reg entry on our server goes DIRECTORY CONNECTORS>DIRSYNCAD>1.00>DOMAINS, there are no listed domains or further subkeys after this point, so I guess that the Unity box can't see the new DC as the information is not there hence the problem when we add the user. I have checked other unity servers I have access to and can see the structure that is required and am wondering if I can just add a key/value with the relevant information or if it would completely screw the server up? (see other post I have found on this subject below)


Oct 21, 2002, 10:45am PST

It could also be a problem with the global catalog server (or more to the point Unity's connection to it). Have you recently moved a domain controller or the global catalog server? Can you check to be sure your DC controller and the GC controller Unity is pointing at are up and flying right?

You can check which GC server Unity is looking at in the resgistry here:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\Directory Connectors\DirSynchGlobalCatalog\1.00\Directory\DefaultGlobalCatalogServer

You can check the DC server for the domain we're looking at here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\Directory Connectors\DirSynchAD\1.00\Domains\<domain_name>\DefaultDomainController.


Can anyone give me advice on how best to fix the add subscriber problem with my scenario?

Thanks for any advice you can provide

Phil Peake

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Re: Error when adding Subscriber - Server List Cannot be empty i

This is a little confusing - I ran this past the messaging guys to get some input.

The deal is you're connected to an Exchange 5.5 server as your partner box, right? There shouldn't even be a DirSyncAD branch at all - that's only there if we're conencted to a 2000 Exchange server, in which case we're using AD as our directory. If you're connected to Ex55 there should be a DirSynchEx55 branch under the Directory Connectors there which has all the info we need to connect to the partner 55 server (the ldap port, server name, root folders for users etc...). In this case we're using ex55 as our directory and don't care about AD at all.

There should never be both and if you're connected to a 55 box and there's an ADDirSync folder there, something is seriously wrong - we'll need a little more detail about exactly what has happened on this system here as just replacing a domain controller shouldn't have had this type of effect on Unity unless it took the 5.5 server we were talking to down with it or some such thing.

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Re: Error when adding Subscriber - Server List Cannot be empty i

Yes thats right, we are using an off box exchange 5.5 message store.

Your right there is a DirSynchEx55 branch under the Directory Connectors, which has all the information pointing at the exchange 5.5 server in it as you suggested (ldap, server name, root folder for users etc..). There is a ADDirSync folder also but it is empty. It only has sub keys/folders of 1.00 and Domains under each other but both are empty, but from what you have said I presume that they should be empty if not configured?

I will check the communication for the unity server and the host that is specified in the DirSynchEx55 branch of the reg. If the communication is ok (ports work ok, hostname ok etc) and the 5.5 server is ok, we can administer the sa ok from the domain and so can any relevant COS user, its just importing a new subscriber, what else do you think it might be?

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Re: Error when adding Subscriber - Server List Cannot be empty i

Further info....

I've checked the unity box on the voice vlan can talk to the exchange 5.5 off box message store on the data vlan through the gateway. I can ping the hostname which the registry points to.

I've checked the user import and the error still occurs as stated in the first post. Any help or advice to fix this would be great.


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