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Error with CiscoIPPhoneExecute


i am developing an application that allows users to push text messages from a webpage to all the phones associated with a specified user. so i construct a CiscoIPPhoneExecute to tell the phone to retrieve the message from the message server. I send EXACTLY the same XML to both phones - however - only one of the phones retrieves the message successfully. The other reports:

<ResponseItem Status="1" Data="Request Busy" ...

I cant see any other difference between the phones - both 7960, i see the XML going to the phones via a sniffer. does anyone know where i can get more information on the response codes? a quick search of does not come up with enough detail.




Re: Error with CiscoIPPhoneExecute

Try tracing the traffic between the phones and the message server. What do you see? The error codes are described in the SDK documentation. Here's the important part:

Error 1 = Error parsing CiscoIPPhoneExecute object

Error 2 = Error framing CiscoIPPhoneResponse object

Error 3 = Internal file error

Error 4 = Authentication error

There can also be an Error 6 (even though Cisco says you'll never get it).. it usually happens when the XML is malformed but I haven't quite found a regularity yet.


Re: Error with CiscoIPPhoneExecute

You send the execute request containing a single executeitem command to the two phones, and the target of the execute is the URL of a web page, such as an ASP page for the message?

I wouldn't expect an authentication error in a request involving only two phones.

Does changing the order in which you send the execute requests have any effect on the outcome? Do the phones have a similar configuration in regards to default gateway, DNS?

To start with, I would suggest checking the logs on the web server to find out if the request was received from both phones, and what the status of the request was.

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