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Errors In Application Log

Its unity 3.1(3), I am getting following errors in application log.

1.The product Windows Server is out of licenses. Use License Manager from the Administrative Tools folder for more information on which users are out of compliance and how many licenses should be purchased.

2.Extension Conflict for Multiple Handlers [AVP_OBJECT_ID:03:{2B732992-98B5-416F-A532-B05094635723} (Extension:5000)] on line 489 in file e:\views\Unity3.1.2.41\un_Conv2\AvConvPhoneHandler\AvConvPHAttemptForwardSvr\AvConvPHAttemptForward.cpp

Running conversation AttemptForward on Port 1

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Re: Errors In Application Log

The first error is a windows generated error, nothing to do with Unity specifically - the licensing service is a little off the wall in Windows land, I see these errors from time to time and they're nothing to get overly worried about. Not sure if you set your system up with per CPU or per seat licensing, could be the issue.

The 2nd error is just what it sounds like - you have more than one handler in your system configured for extension 5000 - you can quickly find conflicts using dbWalker or you can use the AudioText Manager tool - both are available on

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