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Errors on message notification page when importing new subscribers

Sorry if this is a duplicate but I think I posted this in the wrong forum.

We are having a problem when adding subscribers into our Unity. There is one primary exchange 5.5 server besides the one residing on the Unity platform. The subscribers are imported from exchange just fine but when you go to the message notification page it says errors on page at the bottom of the webpage and the devices display is about a quarter of an inch small and you are unable to choose a device and configure the settings. After you go to that page with errors than all the other pages loads with errors following that one. We are having to delete and readd a subscriber several times until it comes up fine. I am a little unfamiliar with IIS which I think is where the problem may be. I am not sure even where to start on this so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Errors on message notification page when importing new subsc

I am also having a problem with the message notification page. I believe there is something about the way that javascript is written that IE has problems with, especially if you apply all the current security patches. I am running Unity 4.02 and the message notification page used to take longer to load than the other pages, but prior to us installing the latest IE security patches, it used to load most of the time. Now pretty much all the time my users get "HTTP 404 - File not found

Internet Information Services" error and all other links get errors after that. All the other links (greetings, message playback,caller options, etc) work perfectly until I try to use the message notification link. I have a laptop with an unpatched version of IE, I generally use that to change the users message notification setting for them as a work around. I opened a tac case but she thinks it is some sort of routing or DNS issue. I can't see how only the message notification link can be the only link that is susceptible to this alleged routing issue, so I believe tac is not helpful.

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Re: Errors on message notification page when importing new subsc

Hello there,

I am a Unity System Admin developer. You can r-click on the Notification page and select View Source and send me a copy. I'll try to figure out why the page errored out. My Cisco email address is part of my profile.

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