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ESubscriber and EAdmin problem

We had a botched Unity install. Complete reinstall of the system seemed to fix everything but am concerned about what appeared to be lingering ESubscriber account and EAdmin accounts in the AD tree.

End result is an account with the name EAdmin3d124c56 with a display name that indicates the proper server name but is not showing the proper message store (showing an old non-unified install server as the message store location). The same holds true for ESubscriber3d124c56.

I have EAdministrator and ESubscriber with the proper alias but the improper server name!

so... I have

Alias: EAdmin3d124c56

Display name: Example Administrator - CorrectServer

Message Store: nonexistant exchange server

Alieas: ESubscriber3d124c56

Display Name: Example Subscriber - CorrectServer

Message Store: nonexistant exchange server

Alias: EAdministrator

Display Name: Example Administrator - WrongServer

Message Store: nonexistant exchange server

Alias: ESubscriber

Display Name: Example Subscriber - Wrong Server

Message Store: nonexistant exchange server

DB Walker gives only this one error:


Display Name=Example Subscriber - CorrectServer

(error) Primary Call Handler is not valid!

This subscriber may be 'stranded' by an improper uninstall of a previous Unity system or it may be 'sharing' a primary call handler with one or more other subscribers.

If you select the 'Remove subscriber properties on mail users that have no primary call handlers' option and run again this user can be reimported to Unity.

COS Alias=defaultsubscriber

Location Object Alias=default

It does not seem to think there's a problem with the EAdmin account. Any suggestions??? This is pretty wacky.

New Member

Re: ESubscriber and EAdmin problem


Okay, got the duplicate stuff worked out and all seems to be good. The E accounts are named properly, loggin in properly, and accessible through outlook now. Only thing remining is the DBWalker error. I looked at the CH settings in Doh Property Tester and see that both Eadmin and Esubscriber are using the same AVP_ADMINISTRATOR_OBJECT_ID of EAdmin.

Is this normal?

Cisco Employee

Re: ESubscriber and EAdmin problem

The AVP_ADMINISTRATOR_OBJECT_ID of a call handler should point to the corresponding mail user. So for ch_eadmin should have EAdmin and Esubscriber should have Esubscriber.

New Member

Re: ESubscriber and EAdmin problem

Can I change this using that tool? If so, what is the password to grant write access? Also, is this service impacting when the change is made or is a restart of the Unity services needed to take affect?


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