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Event Viewer errors

Is there a document that lists out errors that I could use to chase out system problems without going thru Cisco??<br><br>


Re: Event Viewer errors

Unfortunately there isn't a snappy document that lists every possible error that dumps out in to the event logs related to Unity. That'd be nice.

the original concept was that any error that got to the event log was supposed to be "human readable" with enough explanation in the error itself to lead a trained admin to the source or at least the general area of the problem and that the DIAGxxx.log files were reserved for the under the cover engineering level info. Yeah, I know that's not how it always works out. Lots and lots of cooks in the kitchen the the logging quality tends to varry from group to group. Nothing more fun that getting an event log error that references only a line of code somewhere.

We're working on bringing folks into line on that count. I believe there is an initiative to get some folks to walk the code and run down every event log error and try to get some meat behind it either in the log or into a referencable doc that ships with the system. That's a long and tedious task with a product of this size, however, so I wouldn't be looking for that right around the corner.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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