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Ex5.5 to Ex2k3 upgrade failing...

we're in the process of going to unity 4.0.3 and bridge 3.0, and we're upgrading our Ex5.5 machine to Ex2k3.

I know this isn't unity specific, but I'm looking for some help with the Ex2k3 upgrade.

Here's the details:

We installed Ex2k3 in the Ex5.5 site. All Active Directory Connector connection agreements are running fine. Th Ex5.5 administrator sees the 2k3 server, but the 2k3 system manager doesn't see the 5.5 server.

Mailboxes on 5.5 can send to the mailboxes on the 2k3 box, but not viceversa.

The Microsoft ADSI Utility shows the 5.5 server missing from AD. Is there any way to get that server showing in AD, so I can send messages between those 2 servers? This is more of an interim solution, so I can get the Ex2k3 server working and then start migrating accounts.

If I'm on a non-mixed mode Unity server, what steps should I take to get the users migrated to the new server?

Thanks in advance!



Re: Ex5.5 to Ex2k3 upgrade failing...

You will have much better luck posting this question out here:

I don't really understand the part about the 'non-mixed mode Unity server'. You can elaborate?



New Member

Re: Ex5.5 to Ex2k3 upgrade failing...

When I set up Unity I specified that I am using 5.5 exchange... I assume that when I go to ex2k3 i'll have to tell unity that it's connecting to a ex5.5/ex2k3 site?



Re: Ex5.5 to Ex2k3 upgrade failing...

OK gotcha -- From Add/Remove Programs you want to chick Change/Remove Cisco Unity Message Store Configuration Wizard. From there you can elect Exchange 2003.



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