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Example Administrator Mailbox

I was noticing the "Example Administrator - LEAH" mailbox (leah is our unity server) has about 2 MB of data in it - that *(seems)* to be linked to the Unity_LEAH user account but that account has nothing in it's mailbox - any way to see what's in that example admin mailbox or is it not supposed to be touched?<br><br>Thanks!<br><br> -Ken Johnson,<br><br>Ken Johnson<br>Mgr. Network Services<br>LeTourneau University<br>


Re: Example Administrator Mailbox

You can setup an Outlook profile for that guy and take a look. The Example Administrator is the default member of the unaddressed Messages distribution list and is the default recipient for a few mailboxes (i.e. Operator and Example Interivew Handler) and if it's getting messages this is an indication you guys may have missed something in the configuration of Unity... you should always make sure you have "real" accounts setup to take these messages or they stand a chance of getting lost.

It's a good bet that account is holding some undeliverable messages...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)


Re: Example Administrator Mailbox

Well some time ago we switched all those handlers over to a seperate account and it worked fine for a time - then all of a sudden the "Example Administrator - LEAH" mailbox started getting msgs again - but all the handlers this time point to other valid accounts - you mention setting up an exchange profile - it looks like the "Example Administrator - LEAH" mailbox is actually linked to an account called Eadministrator3b53aabf - is it possible to reset the password on that account so i can access the mailbox - or is there a better way?


- Ken

Ken Johnson
Mgr. Network Services
LeTourneau University

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