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Example Administrator

Customer has Unity 2.4.6(161), while modifying the user database in Unity, the customer deleted the Example Administrator acccount. The customer logs in as the administrator (renamed to controller)of that machine. <br>The error message received : <br>""<br>Access denied<br>Your Window Domain Account [TAWAM\Controller] is not associated with a Unity Subscriber.<br>You can not access the Unity System Administration web page.<br>Please see your system administrator for more details.<br>""<br><br>If can get any advise on this please. <br>-Harish<br><br>


Re: Example Administrator

What you want to do is run ConfigMrg. You can find ConfigMrg at \commserver\ConfigMgr.exe.

From ConfigMgr select the DefaultDatabase.dcs script in the 'Configuration script file name' dialog box. Browse to '\CommServer\Localize\DefaultConfiguration\ENU\DefaultDatabase.dcs'. Then click the ‘Create Subscriber’ radio button and enter the name you want to subscriber to be called in the 'NT Account' dialog box. Next click ‘run’.

After complete, an NT account and a mailbox will be created. I suggest deleting the NT account and association the mailbox with the NT account of the customer. Then the customer will be able to log back into the SA.

Once in the SA you can change the COS for the customers normal Unity subscriber account to be an administrator and then remove the Exchange mailbox created in the ConfigMgr process.


Keith Chambers
Diagnostic Engineer
Voice Network Team, San Jose
Cisco Systems, Inc.

New Member

Re: Example Administrator

We had a similar issue in which the Example Administrator was accidently deleted in Exchange but most of the mailboxes and call handlers were still associated with it. Luckily we were able to recreate the Example Administrator using data from an old Exchange directory export to resolve the immediate issue. Since most of the mailboxes and call handlers are still associated with this Example Administrator account, is there any way to associate them in bulk with another account or accounts that we intend to keep? Is there a check list we should go through before deleting a Unity account such as Example Administrator and the associated Exchange account?


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Re: Example Administrator

The 2.4.6 system administration guide had a checklist I believe but it was removed from the 3.x documentation. In general we reccomend you just keep the account there, it's not really hurting anything and you're just asking for trouble if you screw it up.

That said, you can use the BulkEdit utility to find all handlers in the system that are owned by or set as the recipient to the Excmaple Administrator and change the owner/recipient to someone else.

You'll also want to make sure you change the owner and recipient of the interview handlers (not available in bulk edit) and make sure you have a valid account in the default distribution lists (which you should have regardless of if you're removing the example admin account or not). One problem I think you might run into though is the default call handler templates will still reference Example Administrator as the owner/recipient for new handlers created, this isn't editable in the SA.

Short story, unless there's a real compelling need to remove it, mr. EAdmin there...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)