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Exchange 2000 problem

Client has an Exchange 5.5 environment with one Exchange 5.5 server and a Unity server. However, the client later introduced Exchange 2000 into the same Org/Site and enabled 2-way ADC(yeah, i know it's not pretty). Now, I can't even add a user into Unity and Unity is only able to see 20% of all users under Exchange. <br><br>Ticket 101278<br>The Support person recommended that we uninstall Unity, Remove all Exchang 2000 components and ADCs off that site, use DohPropKill to remove all existing Unity attributes, and reinstall Unity into the site. Now here is my question: <br><br>1) Will there be any special Exchange 2000 attributes left in the site after removing all of the above?(If they exist, we need to know how remove them). <br>2) Any easy way to save all call handlers' Greeting/format and users' greetings? I want to able to transfer all of those settings onto the reinstalled box. <br><br>Systems Engineer


Re: Exchange 2000 problem

Yikes... that's messy...

So the customer is cool yanking out the EX2K stuff? I dunno... if it were me I'd probably install into a POV configuration until Unity supports Ex2K and then go unified. I have this sneaking suspicion they are going to want to continue fiddling with EX2K on their site.

Regardless... DOHPropKiller removes all the Custom Properties from #11, 12, 13 and 14 off of every user we identify as a Unity subscriber (this is where we cram all our Unity specific info onto the mail user object) and then will get rid of all the objects under the Unity custom folder which you should see in your Exchange admin... this is where all the call handlers, interview handlers, COS objects etc... are stored. We just blow them all away.

You'll need a password to run DPK... (I'm around most of the weekend, ping my email and I can send you the PW for the day if you need it). The only real gotcha is if you have more than one Unity server installed into the same site. You need to be careful not to toast the wrong stuff out of the directory in that case. Assuming that's not what you're dealing with, it's pretty straight forward stuff.

I do have a full export/import tool I'm working on, however I haven't tested it enough to feel comfortable with folks using it in the field unsupervised. We've used it on a few sites and it worked fine, but we did have one rather unpleasant boo-boo with it that caused me (and the site) some stress so I'd like to do a lot more test scenarios with it. If you're restoring onto a POV box, I'd have no problem sending it to you since that's safe... restoring into a UM environment has a lot more variables.

If you want to snag and restore just the call handler information (including greetings), there's a tool on my web site already to do that and it works pretty well. It's safe since call handlers are our hidden custom objects and it can't do any harm to an existing email configuration. Backing up and restoring everything inclduing subscriber info, COS, schedule info etc... is a lot more dangerous and I wont have that out on the site for another week at least.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice


Re: Exchange 2000 problem

Hi Jeff,

I work with the person who originated this post. FYI, the client has already removed Exchange 2000 from their environment (in fact, when they removed it is when they started to see some of their problems). Anyway, my colleague and I are preparing to fix this site this weekend following your helpful advice in this thread. We could really use that utility of yours this weekend to help save us a substantial amount of time and effort. How comfortable are you with the utility and making it available to us? As you can probably tell, we are in dire straights.

Thanks as always for your efforts and assistance.


Re: Exchange 2000 problem

One more thing I forgot to mention. They wish to keep Unified Messaging and our efforts this weekend will include trying to install the Unity server back into the same Exchange 5.5 site it originated in. We will not be making a Voice Mail only server in its own new Exchange Site.

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