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Exchange 2000 setup and licensing w/failover

My customer has the following setup:

Unity 2.4.6 VM with Exchange 5.5 on-box in stand-alone domain(UM licenses purchased but only running VM)

Multiple Exchange 5.5s running in enterpise domains for email only.

They have purchased 2 servers for failover and have received Unity 4.0.3 via SASU upgrade, and have a Unity license file for 500 users, 32 ports, and failover

They will also soon have a third server (DL380 acquired separately) for the message store, as required by failover.

My questions are:

Can I install Exchange 2000 from the message store CD that came with Unity 4.0.3 on this server?

Where will the Exchange server get it's liecnsing from? Can the exisitng Unity licenses be upgraded to 2000 and transferred/shared, or can the enterprise licenses be shared? He says he has some form of license sharing agreement for his enterprise Exchange, but I'm not clear as to exactly what he can do with it. I have installed Unity with Exchange on-box, and have used existing Exchanges for UM purposes, but this is a new configuration, and Exchange licensing is something of a black hole for me. Thanks

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Re: Exchange 2000 setup and licensing w/failover

Here are a couple of links to follow for upgrading your Cisco Unity from 2.4(6) to 4.0(3) and migrating from Exchange 5.5 to 2000:

It is okay to use the Exchange 2000 from the message store CD that came with Cisco Unity 4.0(3). Refer to the following link for details on licensing with Exchange 2000 and Cisco Unity:


There are special considerations if this is the first Exchange 2000 install in the site. Please refer to Microsoft's web site.


Re: Exchange 2000 setup and licensing w/failover

It’s not clear to me if the customer is trying to run UM or VM from your post.

If they are trying to run VM that is fine. They will get a copy of Exchange 2000 in the kit of CDs that they can use for the Exchange message store.

If they are trying to go with UM note that the copy of Exchange that Cisco ships with Unity can only legally be accessed by Unity. The customer can't put any 'email' mailboxes on it even if they have a CAL. That is our agreement with Microsoft. No agreement they have will override that.

If the customer wasn’t looking to implement Exchange 2000 already (still talking about UM here) I wouldn't take the copy of Exchange 2000 that Cisco ships with Unity and install that into their environment. Mixed mode messaging is highly complex, risking to implement if you don’t have a solid migration plan, not very stable and definitely not something you want to introduce simply because you got a free copy of Exchange 2000 with Unity.

Hope this helps...


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Re: Exchange 2000 setup and licensing w/failover

Thanks to both for replies. The customer purchased UM licenses, and intends to implememt UM eventaully, but the immediate goal is to get to 4.0.3 failover with VM only. They feel they have too many issues with their enterprise Exchange structure to implement UM until they clean that up. Once they do, they will plan a migration to UM and Exchnage 2000 in the enterprise. Right now, they just want to upgrade their VM environmnent, which will remain separate from their e-mail enterprise environment. No mixed-mode messaging. I hope that fits with your reservations, and I think it does, since you said if they are just doing VM, using the CD version should be OK.

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