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Exchange 5.5 16GB Message Store limit is causing Unity 2.46 to crash.

I have Unity 2.46 installed in a Voice Mail only environment. I have exchange 5.5 running on the same box. This box is installed as a stand alone server and is not integrated with other exchange 5.5 servers, ie it is being used for voicemail only and not for unified messaging. Exchange 5.5 standard edition has a message store limit of 16 GB. I have reached this limit and exchange information store services have stopped. As a result of this the Unity services are down. Microsoft states that by upgrading to exchange 5.5 enterprise edition this limitation can be overcome. Can I upgrade the exchange 5.5 on the unity box from the private edition to enterprise edition without having to reinstall unity? After the upgrade, will unity continue to function as before.

Alternately, the only other option I have is to clean up the mailboxes and to defragment the databases.


Re: Exchange 5.5 16GB Message Store limit is causing Unity 2.46

While it is technically possible to upgrade to Enterprise Edition we only support Standard Edition (same as voicemail run-time) installed on the Unity server. See: voice/c_unity/sysreq/246sysrq.pd

The main reason we have this policy is because we don't want too much load on the Unity box itself. So basically if you are at the point where you require Enterprise Edition you are exceeding the bounds of a 2.4.6 voicemail only install.

My recommendation (and the only supported option) would be break out eseutil and defrag the database. Once it has been compacted it should mount and then you want to setup storage limits to prevent this situation from happening again.



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