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Exchange Cluster Question

<br>I Installed Unity 3.0 and integrated it into an exchange 2000 clustered environment running Active/Active.<br> <br>The Exchange site consists of 3 servers...2 of them are clustered running in Active/Active the 3rd is not. <br><br>95% of the company resides on the unclustered 3rd server...only the I.T. department resides on the cluster. My client plans on moving the remaining employees onto the cluster in 2 months. <br><br>We were told that 3.0 Unity doesn't require exchange to be installed on the Unity box. After the install Unity was working perfectly for employees on that unclustered server. As for the I.T. department on the cluster they had problems. When clustered users checked their voicemail Unity said "The email server is unavailable or off-line at this time..." after that message they were still able to listen to voicemail but weren't given the opportunity to delete the message. After talking with Cisco we were told only Active/Passive is supported. <br><br>We moved the clustered users to the unclustered server to resolve that issue (temporary). I talked with a Cisco S.E. and he said we need to install exchange 2000 on the Unity box. <br><br>Can we just install Exchange 2000 on the Unity box or do we have to rebuild it from scratch. What would be the steps involved?<br><br>


Re: Exchange Cluster Question

some clarifications:
- Only Active/Passive Clustering is supported
- Unity must be connected a Exchange 2000 server separate from the cluster and used as the primary store. This primary store can either be on or off of the Unity server. So you can home users in the cluster, but Unity must be set up to point to an Exchange server that is not part of the cluster during installation.

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