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Exchange Limit Reached - Mailbox full message

If I wanted the caller to get a "the mailbox for the person you are calling is full" and then either give them an option to transfer or hang-up rather than take the message and send it to the Unaddressed Messages distribution list, how would approach this? <br><br>Thanks,<br>Phil<br><br>


Re: Exchange Limit Reached - Mailbox full message

There's no way to do this currently. When we go to take a message we don't run out and ask the target's Exchange home store if this user has reached limit 2 or not (this takes time). We take the message and send it from the subscriber account that sent it (or the Unity Messaging System account if it's an outside caller) and let Exchange deal with it as it does with normal email messages. If the user's box is full it'll NDR back to the sender.

The option to have Unity truck out and check this is on the list of stuff to get into the product but it's not on deck for the 3.2 release. Aside from the performance hit (having a user hang on for several seconds or more while we do this is painfull) but the question of a message addressed to more than one user and/or a distirbution list is a little sticky. This would probably be something we'd only check for a singly addressed message from outside callers or something along those lines.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)


Re: Exchange Limit Reached - Mailbox full message

Thanks for the info. Exactly what I needed, however not the answer I was hoping to get. I'm running into this when I'm selling the product, many of the competitors have this option and the customers often see it as a needed feature. It's good to hear it is in the Road-Map for the product!


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