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Exchange Mailbox Limits

Is there any plans to have Unity let the sender of a message know that a subscribers mailbox is beyond its size limitations? In a triditional voicemail setting, when message size limits have been exeeded the person from outside the company, leaving a message in a mailbox, is usually told that the subscribers box is full. I know that these limits are assigned in Exchange but with its close ties to Unity, will Unity ever let the other end know that there message is not being delivered to its intended recipient? (right now the message is delivered, but to the unaddressed message box). This feature is OK, but a warning to the sender of the message, outside of voicemail would still be a welcome conversation for some of our accounts that set up Exchange limits. <br><br>


Re: Exchange Mailbox Limits

Yeah, a few people have mentioned this. There's a couple of reasons why we did it this way.

The most obvious is we can't always check the mailbox limits/current size of an inbox easily and quickly. In particular if the destination where the mail is heading is across a site boundary, we can't check it at all. We didn't want to have inconsistent behaivor and then have to explain why sometimes we catch it and sometimes we don't. We opted to emulate the behavior or Outlook insofar as possible (i.e. failed deliveries are returned NDA after they're sent).

There's also a bit of a performance hit to have us running out and checking everyone's mailbox limits every time we take a message... currently we just hand the message off to the Exchange MTA and it takes care of everything during its delivery process to the target mailbox. This would actually be a bigger concern for me than inconsistent behavior.

Currently there isn't any immediate plans to pursue this capability that I know of.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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