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Exchange Service Account and Unity

We intend on 'forklifting' our current Unity configuration onto a new box. Our current configuration consists of two servers in the same site, one of them has Unity 2.4.0 build 120 on it. Unfortunately, when Unity was installed, the server was placed on a separate domain. Through two-way trust relationships, the second mail server runs with the same service account as the Unity machine does (since the Unity machine was first-it was a turnkey machine). <br>Since the old Unity mail server (and it's domain) are going away, I need to change the service account for Exchange on the second mail server. I am going to do everything necessary to change it for Exchange myself.<br> <br> My question is, by changing the service account for Exchange, will this adversely affect Unity? Currently, Unity starts up with the same service account for Exchange. Is it as simple as changing the startup account for the service, or is there more involved? Do the Exchange service account and the Unity service account need to be the same, or just carry the same permissions? Ideally the Unity migration will be carried out over a couple days, and would like Unity to continue to run for at least 1 day after the service account for exchange has been changed. The new Unity server will be brought up and run with the same permissions as the new service account in the existing domain. <br> Basically, I want to be sure that Unity will continue to run until we install the new server the next day, after changing the Exchange service account.<br><br>Thanks for the help!<br><br>--<br>James Kearney<br>Network Administrator<br>Easy Systems, Inc.<br><br>PGP Key available upon request.<br><br><br>


Re: Exchange Service Account and Unity

From the Unity 2.4.6 release notes...

How do I switch to a new Exchange/Unity service account?

1.Create a new account.

2.In NT User Manager, make the account a member of the Domain Admins global group and the Administrators local group.

3.Grant the new account the following NT rights: Log on Locally, Act as part of the OS, Log on as a service, and Restore files and Directories.

4.Grant the new account Service Account Admin permission in Exchange for the Org, all Site, and all Configuration containers.

5.Open the Services control panel and set all of the Unity and Exchange services to start with the new account. You will need to enter the new password as well.

6.Reboot and make sure Exchange and Unity start.

7.Remove the old account from the permissions of the Org, all Site, and all Configuration containers in Exchange.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)


Re: Exchange Service Account and Unity

Great! I was hoping it was that simple. -JK

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