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Exchange User Migration between 2 servers

I have a client who have 2 Exchange servers and 1 Unity server (verion 3.01). All belong to the same Exchange site. They will move all users from Server1 to Server2, clean up server1, and move some of the users back to Server1 leaving 50% of the users on each Exchange system.<br><br>My question is: When they perform a mailbox Move from within Exchange, does Unity need to be shut down for that to happened? Or is there a fix now that allows Unity to automatically resync with the mailbox once the move is completed? <br><br>Systems Engineer


Re: Exchange User Migration between 2 servers

If you're running Exchange 2000 you have no worries... you can move users around between servers no problem with Unity up and running. The worst you'll experience is a longer-than-normal delay when you call in to check messages after you're box has been moved since we have to query the directory for your new box location after our initial attempt to access your box where we thought it was fails. Other than that it's clean.

If you're on Exchange 5.5, however, you have to make sure Unity is logged out of the mailboxes before moving them around (and that any Outlook clients etc... are logged out). This is an Ex5.5 issue, not a Unity issue. It'll be ok most of the time but every once in a while Exchange gets real hosed up and will actually have two seperate private stores for a user you moved since it never closed the old one if a client is logged into it. This is messy and you realy shouldn't roll the dice. You have a couple options. You can shut down Unity, move all your users and being Unity back up. Or you can use the BulkLogout tool off AnswerMonkey's 3.x tools page (shipping with 3.1(1)) and log the users out you will be moving and then log them back in after the move is complete. This prevents you from having to shut Unity down but is a bit more work for you.

Be careful moving users in Exchange 5.5... it doesn't tell you when it's done like 2K does so be sure to give it time to finish moving messages over in the private store. Check the private store view in the Exchange administrator and you can actually see messages trucking over from one box to another.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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