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New Member

Exension mobility problem

i Have installed and configured the extension mobility 2.2(5) in ccm 3.2 SPG to allow Login/Logout but nothing happened when i select Login or logout services in IP Phone 7960..

In IE i have tried http://<ccm_IP_Address>:8080 and i have got the lines

Cisco Application Engine 2.2

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I need the helps any idea to resolve my problem


Re: Exension mobility problem


When you said "nothing happened" what did you mean?Do you get an error message at all (like "host not found")?

Actually the URLs for login/logout should be http://AppServerIP: 8080/login and http://AppServerIP: 8080/logout

The URL is case-sensitive. Make sure you enter the exact name you entered for the Login Application Trigger.

New Member

Re: Exension mobility problem


i have reinstall the extended mobility and now after i press Login service, i have

Your User ID :

Your PIN :

when i enter the exact UserID and PIN i have Login unsuccessful i check the UserID and PIN and i have the same thing..

please help me to resolve my problem...


Re: Exension mobility problem

"Login Unsuccessful" error returned on login.

Problem: The username entered was not found in DCD.

Solution: Add the user through Cisco CallManager's global directory. Also, verify that DCD is replicating between servers.

New Member

Re: Exension mobility problem

i have created a new user in cisco callmanager by User --> Add new a user and i have the same problem..

can you help me to resolve the DCD problems (maybe replication problem between publisher and subscriber).. what are the different steps to resolve these problems..

please help me ..


Re: Exension mobility problem

Well, you should not go for DCD fix until you have a particular problem. Do you have any DC Directory errors in the event viewer?How many servers do you have in the cluster?Where the CRA is installed?

I would go again thru all the configuration...Try using an easy user config like

user id : a

PIN : 12345

New Member

Re: Exension mobility problem

i haven't DC directory error in the event viewer !!

I have two servers one publisher and one subscriber .

The CRA is installed in the publisher !

I haved tried to simple config like user ID: a PIN: 12345 and i have the same result : Login unsuccessful - Loginserver conn.error

please help me !!


Re: Exension mobility problem i can finally help you. You should have mentioned the Login server connection error before!!!:)

A couple of things can cause this error..

Usually it happens on IBM x340 servers...if you got one you neet to enable IIS to control the password for anonymous devices.

1. On the Cisco CallManager server, choose Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Services Manager.

2. Expand the tree on the left side of the page by selecting the machine name.

3. Choose Default Web Site > Login Service.

4. Right-click LoginService in the left pane and select Properties.

5. Click the Directory Security tab.

6. Under Anonymous access and authentication control, click the Edit button.

7. Make sure that Anonymous access is checked.

8. Click Edit for the account used for anonymous access.

9. Verify that Allow IIS to control password is checked.

10. Click OK.

11. Click OK.

12. Close the Internet Services Manager.

If it's not x340 it might be something related to ip address changed recently .In DCD Admininistration, go to > CCN > systemProfiles. Select Hoteling Profile. Verify the IP address in the URL field. This should be the IP address of the Cisco CallManager publisher.

And the last one...

Problem: Check the http:\\cm_ipaddr\LoginService\Tools\sampleloginapp.asp. If the error returned is "Error Parser Class Not Found org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser null", then during installation, the Virtual directory was not created and the ClassPath was not inserted.

Solution: The installation failed in some manner (Root cause not yet determined).

First, under Default Web Site, create a new virtual web named LoginService. The local path should be C:\CiscoWebs\LoginService. Change the application protection to High (Isolated). Next, follow the mentioned before steps for x340 to allow IIS to control the password for Anonymous devices.

Once the virtual web has been created, the system variables for ClassPath must be added to allow the SAX parser to perform its tasks. Right click My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables. If the ClassPath variable does not exist, create the variable. The value for ClassPath should be: C:\WINNT\Java\Lib\DirUser.jar; C:\WINNT\Java\Lib\Xerces.jar; C:\WINNT\Java\Lib\DirUserNotification.jar. Click OK three times to save the new environment variable.

Stop and restart the IIS services.

Hope it helps


New Member

Re: Exension mobility problem

it's not x340 and i have checked http:\\cm_ipaddr\LoginService\Tools\sampleloginapp.asp and i haven't got an error !!

so i don't know why i have always the same problem !!

i have always Login unsuccessful - Loginserver conn.error

please help me !!


Re: Exension mobility problem

And have you verified the ip address settings?Have you verified the anonymous acces is allowed on the IIS anyway?

I am not aware of anything else causing this error apart of these 3 reasons,sorry.

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