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Exporting Unity for Domino Database for reimport


I have a Unity for Domino server that has been quite unstable. I've worked with many DEs to try to determine the cause case (E636252) and so far we have not identified a solution. I was wondering if there has yet been created a way to export the database so I can de-install/re-install the server.

Briefly, the server was initially built as 4.0 (1) and was upgraded to 4.0 (2) and had ES 6,7,13 applied before then upgrading to 4.0(3) after which a couple more ES were applied. The Unity application just goes into failsafe mode and becomes unusable.

Of course, I am sure re-installing will probably cause Domino intergration issues that I'd have to consider as well..just curious if Cisco has been able to address this issue yet.

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Re: Exporting Unity for Domino Database for reimport

I am currently working on DiRT for Domino along with the Domino messaging team here in the BU. It's in QA testing at the moment and will need a _lot_ of testing before it's unleashed on the world. We were planning to roll it out along with 4.0(4). It'll work on 4.0(3) installs and later (the key DLL needed to synch with the Domino directory doesn't work on older versions of Unity than that).

Be aware that DiRT with Domino will have some limitations not there for Exchange - notably we can't backup/restore messages like we can using ExMerge with Exchange 5.5/2000/2003 and we can't create user accounts on the fly if they aren't there - any users in the restore database that aren't found in the directory have to be deleted. There's a snappy wizard that walks you through this process but suffice it to say this will be somewhat different than folks are used to with DiRT for Exchange back ends...

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Re: Exporting Unity for Domino Database for reimport

Thanks. That is at least encouraging and will provide for an option if this continues.

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Re: Exporting Unity for Domino Database for reimport

For Cisco Unity 4.0(3) make sure Engineering Special 28 has been applied to your system.

Check out the following defects:



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