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Ext mobility faiover not working - Cisco Document is incorrect ?

know that Ext mobility failover is best supported in CCM ver 6.X.

I am refering to CCM 5.0 Developers guide, under " cisco extension mobility API programming" - under " faiover support" in the following doc link;

Where it says we can configure external DNS server to point the server IPs in the cluster.

I have tried to implement this but, even if I configure the IP address manually to point out the subscriber and when I simuloate the publisher failure, following happens;

1. Users who already logged in cannot log out ( they cannot call ext mobility service which already has been subscribed to dev profile).

2. New users cannot still log in ( There is no respose when they select the Exct mobility service which now pointed to the subscriber server ).

Does this mean that I am missing something ? OR is this document itself is misleading ?


Re: Ext mobility faiover not working - Cisco Document is incorre

only in 6.x you can have feature redundancy if the Publisher is down...

The example you mention is if a subscriber is down and you will the use another subscriber to interface the EM (and NOT if Pub is down)

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