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Ext Mobility User profile and DN with Call Forward


I'm posting this here , seeing if anyone has ran into this or if this just isn't possible at moment. I've been to TAC on this as well with no real answers yet.


Customer has staff and when they are in the main office at their primary phone when someone calls and they are busy the call rolls to next line which is a shared line amongst people in that office. Fwd No Answer goes to Voice mail.

When the user isn't in that office, they log in to a phone at another location using same # as main office. They want calls to go to voice mail when they are busy or don't answer when logged in. Different forward options so thats why same # in different partition.

So 2 partitions. ExtMob partition for mobility, and OfficePhone for the primary phone which they don't log into. Same DN in each partition, 100 lets say for this posting.

CSS order: ExtMob, OfficePhone

User Device profile has DN 100 in ExtMob partition tied to it. The primary phone has DN 100 in OfficePhone partition.

When the ExtMob DN has NO Call Forward options configured and the user isn't logged in (profile not active), a call to DN 100 goes to the phone with DN 100 in OfficePhone partition. This is fine and expected.

When the ExtMob DN has Call Forward options configured and the user isn't logged in (profile not active), calls to DN 100 always to go to voice mail as defined by forward options for DN 100 in ExtMob partition. Call never reaches OfficePhone partition.

The above I understand, but at the same time I question the behavior since I can't find any documentation explaining how mobility is suppose to work in this situation and it seems like a logical setup some would want to do. I've also been told that user profiles that aren't logged in will be skipped over.

This probably isn't completely a ext mobility issue but more of a general Call Routing behavior. I'm guessing it just searches CSS order and uses first matching DN and doesn't check the device profile/object status that DN is tied to?

Any suggestions or input on this? Need a way to bypass DNs completely if user profile isn't active.

New Member

Re: Ext Mobility User profile and DN with Call Forward


I have seen that a number is considered as unknown (ccm 3.3.2) if :

1) the user is not logged in

2) there is no forward no answer defined

3) there is no hunt defined


Hope this helps


Cisco Employee

Re: Ext Mobility User profile and DN with Call Forward

You are correct in stating that this is not an EM issue but the way in which CallManager populates the digit analysis tree in memory. You are close in understanding what is happening.

When a user logs in the DN is registered with CallManager, the same as a phone booting and registering. When the DN is registered it is added to the "Dialing Forest" and when the DN is removed/unregistered it is removed from the Dialing Forest.

When a supplementary feature is assigned to a DN, such as Call Forward, Call Pickup, etc CallManager adds an "Intercept" pattern to the Dialing Forest for that DN. This Intercept pattern stays in the Dialing Forest as long as there is a supplementary feature configured. The main reason for this is so that Call Forwaring works whether the phone is registered or not.

You can see this for yourself by printing the Dialing Forest into the ccm trace. Take a DN and make sure there are no supplementary services configured. Use the following steps to generate the Dialing Forest.

1. Pickup the handset and dial **##*2 - You will hear a reorder tone (do this only once it toggles the detail level)

2. hang up

3. Pickup the handset and dial **##*4 - You will hear a reorder tone

4. Hang up

5. Collect the latest ccm trace from C:\Program Files\Cisco\Trace\CCM\

Look for that DN in the generated results and notice only one entry in the partition it is assigned.

Then add a Call Forward entry to the DN and reset the phone.

Only use **##*4 to generate the Dialing Forest again. In the first forest you will only see the DN once. The second time you will see two entries with one being the Intercept Pattern.

Now, unregister that device or log out. Generate the dialing forest and you will only see the intercept pattern.

Since your ExtMob partition is first then the call will forward to voicemail.

Good job in understanding this.

Not sure if this will totally meet your needs but if you configure the following you may get close.

For DN 100 (ExtMob) configure CFB to DN 100 (OfficePhone)

For DN 100 (OfficePhone) configure CFB to VM

CFB comes into play when the DN is unregistered. When logged in and DN 100 is in use CFB will forward the call to DN 100 (OfficePhone). Since this is unregistered CFB will be in effect and forward to VM.

When logged out the call will be extended to the intercept pattern 100 (ExtMob). Since this DN is unregistered it will CFB to 100 (OfficePhone).

Let us know if you have any questions.



Re: Ext Mobility User profile and DN with Call Forward

Thanks Kev for the detailed info.

Just one thing I don't quite get, so when the user is logged out and CFB is set it will fwd to that (CFB) as a intercept or will it use the CFNA?

Thanks, Erick

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