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Extension Mobility error


I want to implement Extension Mobility service. I have followed the setup step by step. But when I select my login/logout service, I receive an error "Login Insuccessful" Error: [6].

The IP Phone doesn't prompt me to enter my UserID and PIN.

In the EM Traces I have:

%EMApp-3-UNK:Error while getting dir handle: DirUser.OperationError

%EMApp-3-UNK:Unable to establish dir connection :DirUser.OperationError

For information the CCM are not yet registered to the DNS and I used the LMHOST file.

Thanks you for your help,




Re: Extension Mobility error

If you're using DC Directory make sure that the DC Directory Service is running. If not,

start the service. Also if possible restart the tomcat service.

If you're using Active Directory you should reinstall the AD plugin.

This issue can also occur if there is no device profile associated with the user

attempting to log in. Check if the users have device profiles associated with them under

the User Configuration > Extension Mobility page. If not, update users with device

profiles for Extension Mobility login.

After applying the workaround that applies try using Extension Mobility and let me know if this worked, if not reset CCMSysUser password using CCMPwdchanger utility under dcdsrvr/ folder.

Are you using AD or DCD ?

Let us know


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Re: Extension Mobility error

Thanks for your help. I confirm I use DCD. I have found also that the IP phones aren't connected to the Subscribers but to the publisher defined as Call Manager 4 TFTP. Could be a traffic filter that block the TFTP traffic?

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Re: Extension Mobility error

I used the IP address instead of the server name to prevent the same error.

Try that instead and see what happens.


Re: Extension Mobility error

Did you use this document to help you troubleshoot this problem before rebooting, and if

so, what did this document lead you to?

Also, make sure the EM service on the publisher is the active EM service. Do this by

Start -Program DC directory administrator-login Expand directory:cisco\CCN\systemProfiles\HotelingProfile

Verify to make sure the URL field reflect the correct publisher ipaddress or name.

Make sure the "Cisco tomcat" and "DCDirectort server" services are running, If you make

anychanges to above hotelingprofile to reflect the correct Ipaddress of the publisher

server.then restart these two services.

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Re: Extension Mobility error


Yes I put the IP @ in the HotelingProfile.

Into the Troubleshooting guide they are talking about Virtual Directory. How do I connect to Virtual Directory?




Re: Extension Mobility error

Check my previous post. Username: Directory Manager.

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Re: Extension Mobility error


I have checked these point change the link with the publisher IP @ and restart Tomcat and DC Directory Service. Same problem.

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