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Extension Mobility Forced Logout


We plan to change the config of 200 Ipphones using Bat tool.

Right now it is not possible as the Iphones are logged using Extension Mobility and bat tool returns error code.

I'm looking for a tool which is able to loggout all Ip phones.

Browsing the forum I found several conversations talking about this but nothing really relevant.

The customer is running CCM 4.1.2


Thnks for your support


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Re: Extension Mobility Forced Logout

Hi Fred,

You could use the Auto Logout feature in conjunction with the Enforce Maximum Login Time parameters. Maybe set the max login time to 5 minutes and the Auto logout to true, then after your BAT changes set things back to normal. Have a look;

Setting the Service Parameters

To set the Service Parameters for Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility, perform the following steps:



Step 1 From Cisco CallManager Administration, choose Service > Service Parameters.

The Service Parameters Configuration window displays.

Step 2 From the drop-down menu, choose the server that is running the Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility service.

Step 3 From the Services drop-down menu, choose Cisco Extension Mobility Logout.

A new Service Parameters Configuration page displays.

Step 4 At the Login Service Enabled field, choose True to enable the user login service. Choosing False disables the user login service.

The default value specifies True.

Step 5 At the Enforce Maximum Login Time, choose True to specify a clusterwide maximum time for logins. After this time, the system automatically logs out the device.

Choosing False means that no clusterwide maximum time for logins exists.

The default value specifies False.


Tip To set an automatic logout, you must choose True in Step 5 and also specify a system maximum login time in Step 6. Cisco CallManager then uses the automatic logout service for all logins.


Step 6 If you specified True at the Maximum Login Time field in Step 5 of this procedure, specify the maximum login time in Hours:Minutes from 0:01 to 168:00 (1 minute to one week).

The default value specifies 8:00 (8 hours).

From this doc;

PS: This doc is for 3.3.4 but the same applies with 4.1.2

Hope this helps!


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Re: Extension Mobility Forced Logout

Thanks Rob for this solution already tested in Lab and working.

Nevertheless I'm still looking for a tool able to gather the list of people using extension Mob and sending to CCM/tomcat the logout.

I forgot to mention that the change will be done department by department.

The other info is that end users are not aware of how to log out/in their Ip phones...forcing customer do do this stuff at each desk.

That's why we cannot "kill" 200 ip phones all together.


Re: Extension Mobility Forced Logout

I have a tool that can logout users via AXL SOAP,

you only need a csv file with phone names.

drop me an email:

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Re: Extension Mobility Forced Logout

I've got the same problem here.

The suggested solution is not working under 4.2.3. You can set the max login time but when the enforce max login has never been enabled, the phone will not accept the new logou time. Even after resetting the Tomcat service.

I also need to change lot's of phone at once and need to log them out at once.

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