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extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1

Hi, I am using UCM v6.1, with a Pub and Sub. I have deployed handsets out using auto-reg. I have created user device profiles and associated those the users. I have subscribed the services to the autoregistered phones by using BAT to bulk update , using bulk admin->phones->update phones->phones query.

The users press the services key and have the extension mobility and logout options. They can login to their Device profiles ok but when I attempt to log them out i receive an error on the lcd "logout unsuccessful [6] database error".

I have attempted to locate the actual device and log the user out manually using the CCMadmin GUI, however i receive a message ,

"Error occurred while retrieving information from database. No LOGOUT device profile".

According to the documentation, wgen selecting a log out device profile you choose "use current device settings". I left this as default when bulk updating the phones.

I have restarted the extension mobility service on Publisher and Subscriber, and have also shutdown the servers and rebooted - but to no avail.

I am doing something fundamentally wrong or could this be a bug? I have found a few in v6.0, which is why i upgraded to 6.1. thanks.

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Re: extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1

Hi Stuart,

It does sound like this bug (somewhat);

CSCsj33055 Bug Details

bulk insert phone or UDP does not add phone service if no svc parameters


Insert UDP fails to insert IP Phone Service if there are no parameters to all

Device Profiles.


'Insert UDP' in Bulk Administration Tool [BAT] doesn't insert IP Phone Service

for all the Device Profiles if no parameter is defined on the Phone Service.

This also happens when the UDP template is not subscribed to the Phone Service.

And this Insert UDP works fine in inserting the IP Phone Service to all DPs if

you are doing one record at a time, it fails if you do it in a BULK.


For Device Profiles:

1. Using a template

- Add a dummy parameter to the EM service. Save it and click on Update


- Subscribe EM service on the UDP template. Ignore if already done.

- Upload the Insert file for specific details transaction.

- Submit a job with the uploaded file and the UDP template on which EM is


2. Using a CSV file

- Add a dummy parameter to the EM service

- Specify this dummy parameter with blank values in the CSV. Sample file below

- Upload the Insert file for specific details transaction and submit a job

Once you have inserted DPs, you can go to IP phone service page, select the EM

service. Delete the dummy parameter and click update subscriptions.





DP-1,DP1,2001,Extension Mobility,Extension Mobility,Extension Mobility,dummy,

DP-2,DP2,2002,Extension Mobility,Extension Mobility,Extension Mobility,dummy,


For phone devices:

1. create bat phone template and subscribed it to the EM service

2. define an update phones job:

enable extension mobility

log out profile: use current device settings

add services from this teamplate: run immediatelyMake sure to check the box to the left of the line item in the BAT job definition. That signifies to BAT that wish to synchronize all selected phones to the value specified.

I would open a TAC Case.

Hope this helps!


New Member

Re: extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1

Hi Rob, many thanks for info. Customer has requested that I raise a TAC case first before than attempting your suggestions for work around. I will let you know their response. Cheers again, Stuart.

New Member

Re: extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1

I am in this boat myself. Any luck wiht a TAC case?

New Member

Re: extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1

I am also having this issue. Just opened a tac case. Either of you guys get this resolved.


New Member

Re: extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1


The issue is what type of device you are using for your device profiles. I was using 7941G IP Phones, and presumed the type of phone that I should use for the devie profile was a 7941G-GE (bearing in mind that the only other option you have is a 7941). This is incorrect, it should have been entered in as a 7941. When the phone is trying to logout it's using a 7941G-GE profile, but is trying to logout as a 7941 phone. So, a work around is to create a dummy 7941 device profile. Then locate one of your phones that you cannot logout and change the logout device profile from "use currect device settings" to the one that you have created. You will be able to manually log the phone out from the GUI, delete the profile and start again with adding the profile as a 7941. Interestingly/or stupidly, the 7961G model gets added in as a 7961G-GE!

New Member

Re: extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1

I experienced the same problem. I found that after hours of switching crap around it was a problem with the "Logout Out Profile" on the phone page.

When you initially configure the Extension mobility it will allow you to log in, but I was unable to log out. I received that No LOGOUT Device Profile message.

So I configured a device profile for the phone I logged into which was a dummy phone, then selected it as the logout profile instead of just "use current device settings". Saved the change, reset the phone. Logged the Ext. Mobility user out. Then changed the log out profile back to "use current device settings", reset. And now folks can login and out at will.

New Member

Re: extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1


I had the same issue and created new device profiles for each phone model, followed the procedure given below and it works. However I have more than 1000 phones, and I am wondering whether there is a bulk method of doing that. Another issue is when I select the test device profile I created for logout, I can log out but I see the details of the test device profile even after I changed the logout setting to Use Current Device Settings option. Only way to make the phone look normal is to log in again and log out. In that case phone shows the actual physically configured extension. Any ideas?


New Member

Re: extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1

Hi All,

I've run into the same thing on both 6.1.1a and 6.1.2 installations. Is this something that we have a fix for that can be done in bulk rather than needing to go through and touch individual sets? Also, how do we prevent new phones from running into the same problems moving forward?


New Member

Re: extension mobility logout issues UCM v 6.1

I agree with justinbois,

This is the second instance that I have faced (CUCMBE 6.1 and 6.1.2-3000)

Is there not a permanent fix for this?


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