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Extension Mobility Reminder

On the open cubes in our firm we would like to put reminders on the phones that Extension Mobility is available for use. To do this I have created an Idle Url screen that reminds users that Extension Mobility is available. I have also added a softkey to this screen labeled Help. When a user presses the help softkey they are taken to a menu with different help options such as what is Extension Mobility and how to login/out of the service. From this help menu I have a back soft key that will take the user back to the Idle URL screen by calling the Url of the asp page.

The issue that I am having is that if the user uses the back button to go back to the main screen then receives or makes a call the Idle URL screen will not display. I am assuming this is caused by the fact that I am calling the URL of the asp page with a softkey and not allowing for the idle time out period to occur (set to 8 hours) causing services to hang in the back ground. Is there a way to call the Idle URL service directly and exit all other services with a soft key?

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Re: Extension Mobility Reminder

I don't think I'm answering your question correctly--I understood what you were saying, but I don't follow your very last question--it seems that it wouldn't help your problem.

Anyway, you can specify Init:Services as the URL of a softkey to 'wipe' the screen entirely--but it will be another 8 hours until the screen shows again, which would seem to be not what you want?

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Re: Extension Mobility Reminder

That is correct. I was able to get that to work, however ideally when a person goes back from the menu they would get the idle url screen again.

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